The Boy Virginia Made…in SCOTLAND!

For me to start this blog with anything except an apology would be unacceptable. I should never leave you all without an update. Please forgive me. So here goes:


            For anyone to be able to map out where he’s headed next, he has to figure out where he’s been, or more importantly, how he got there. I speand a lot of my days here wondering…how in the hell did I end up all the way in Scotland? I mean, it wasn’t initially part of my life plan. I was supposed to move to Chicago, embrace the cold, and inundate myself with artistic, theatrical, and musical knowledge. But when the new year began, I guess God had a new plan for me. I auditioned for The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama on a whim back in January. I was looking for a program in classical text but that had a great dance program (because as we all know, I like to cut a rug every now and again). But then, I was asked to sing, and then I was asked to participate in a dance call, and the rest is history.

           The summer brought about some obstacles, as I had to take another class and work to get money to travel over here, but after everything (including two weeks of homelessness), I made it over here.

            It took 3 cities (New York, Dublin, London), and 10 hours before I finally arrived in Glasgow, my new home. After touching down onto Scottish soil, I realized that a lot of my emotions had shifted during flight. The apprehension and fear that I had about leaving America quickly dissolved like sugar in warm tea. I was afraid that I wouldn’t understand the accents over here; that I would walk up to someone, ask for directions, and end up somewhere entirely in a different part of the city. I was afraid that I wouldn’t click with my roommate, a person who I’d only spoken to online like 2 weeks before coming into town. But what I was truly and deathly afraid of was that I wouldn’t see my grandmother again. Before I’d left home, she was in the hospital and she wasn’t in the best shape. (I’ve since learned that she only left the hospital about 2-3 days ago to go into a nursing home.)

            As I dragged myself and my luggage across the airport, I eagerly awaited my roommate. Would he be chill? Would I have enough closet space at home? Would I understand him? More importantly, would I be able to pay him with the loan money I would soon receive? The answer to all the above questions: YES!

            After giving me a brief tour of the house, I learned that my roomie was a flight attendant and would be gone most of the time. And since I would be in class from about 9 am until 8 pm most nights, I figured, “that’s fine.” So begans Day 1 of my first 7 weeks here in Glasgow.

           In brief, I met all of my classmates the next day and realized we were a big melting pot of a Musical Theatre program. With people hailing from Brazil, Canada, St. Louis, Boston, California, Singapore, China, London, and Scotland, I figured I was in for quite an experience! The first week was basically an orientation (but no overnights or dance parties.) The final day of the week, was our first performance class. I sang “Family” from Dreamgirls (which was my audition song, and also the thing that keeps me grounded). That was the day I learned that everyone in our class could saaaaaaaaaang. No one was under par and it felt great to finally be a part of something where everyone was doing the same thing. We’d all wanted to be here! This was our dream! And we’re definitely living it to the fullest….or are we? (more on that later)

            Since that first Friday, we’ve started spending our Friday evenings at a local Pub around the corner from the school called Trader Joes; a sort of tradition. But weekends are for homework and for doing as we please….therefore I sleep, or venture into town and window shop.

            I’m quite fascinated by everything I’ve gone through in the past 7 weeks (it really is too much to try to put into a blog, but just know that it is a lot).  But just so you all know what I’m doing academically, I will lay it out right now:


I have Body Conditioning on Mondays, rehearsals Monday-Thursday from 2-6 (which includes rehearsals for our Christmas concert, new musical workshops, or an acting project), Jazz dance on Tuesdays as well as Acting class, Voice class on Thursdays, and Ballet on Friday as well as performance class. Oh, and as of this past Thursday, I teach Hip-Hop (which is called Street Dancing here). This is my life now…and I love it!

Now, I will end this blog here. Again, I apologize for how bland it is, but when I only get about an hour a day to sit in front of a computer, I need to relay all the important bits of info without lush vocabulary and picture-painting. I promise that I will be more detailed in a future blog, but I felt this one was long overdue. I’m off to eat lunch and then rehearse! Thank you for reading (to those of you who got this far)


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