The Boy from Virginia reconnects (originally written on Feb 2, 2010)

The only thing worse than tripping up the stairs with your laptop in your hands is dropping said laptop on the floor causing the screen to crack in not one, but three places. Hence the reason I have not shared any of my U.K. adventures with my faithful readers. Trust me, during the time my laptop was out of commission, there was more than a great deal that was going on. First of all, I’d been called back for the role of Banzai the Hyena in the Lion King. And I had also been having good luck with callbacks for Whistle  Down the Wind. But of course, when you’re not right for a part, you’re not right, and I didn’t hear back from those casting directors. Most people would see that as a blow, but I knew that I gave nothing but 100% at my auditions, so I was fine with me, at the end of the day. But the real downer was the fact that I was still in Glasgow, and the opportunities were in London. I needed to be there ASAP. But with no money in my pocket to move forward, I needed to move slowly and plan my exit.

            After spending a lovely time working for LUSH (which, is such an appropriate job for someone who is so image-concious, like myself) and scrounging up money from everywhere (mostly family) to pay rent, put a deposit on an apartment, and a rental van, I was able to hot foot it down here to my new home: London-town.

And now, I will fast forward my life by means of bullet point:

  • Spent Christmas with friends, cooked a whole Christmas dinner by myself. And it was good!
  • Forgot that New Years Day was coming so I ended up staying in my flat, packing up clothes and putting my life into boxes.
  • Made a new friend, and together we drove down to London, in a blizzard, with the following problems: snow, frozen windshield washing fluid, snow, constantly having to stop to pour water on the windows, snow, not being able to see the lines on the road, Beyonce cracking us up with “Hello”, and did I mention SNOW!
  • Moved into my new place after arriving in London at midnight.
  • Rushed to apply for a job at LUSH the next day (who I am happy to be presently working for again)
  • Auditioned to be a chorus member in a pub version of La Bohéme, a show that has been extended three times. (and got it! Currently performing in it now)
  • Partied like a VIP person thanks to my friend Emma!
  • Seen my classmates.
  • Bumped into someone who lived in my dorm in high school.
  • Failed miserably at two dance calls (as I am not a ballet dancer, nor formally trained. No biggie to me. At least I know what I can and cannot do…for the moment)
  • Sang karaoke…three times now…will be four later this week. Lol
  • Auditioned for HAIR the musical.
  • Got my computer fixed.
  • Met some very cool Londoners!


All in all, life is going very well. I cannot complain. And the next time I write, will be more in depth. There’s just been too many shenanigans for me to remember in full detail, but not to worry. My future entries will be laced with London-y goodness.


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